laptopbeachIs your website, press release or direct mail all it can be? Have you got the World hanging on your every word or are potential customers turning a deaf ear? If these questions strike a chord, if they touch a nerve, then you already know the answer. It´s time to make words work for you. It´s time to hire Nick Hall.

Words are my craft. I spent 15 years as a Journalist, Editorial Director and marketing guru learning the basics. I learnt to paint beautiful pictures with prose. It wasn´t enough…

Those jobs taught me to write pretty, SEO-friendly copy, some great campaigns and, seemingly without explanation, the odd disaster. The disasters taught me the most. They showed me that a truly great copywriter needs science to back up the art. Without science, a great campaign comes down to luck. That is what you´re getting with 90 per cent of copywriters: a throw of the dice. When your livelihood depends on me, that just isn´t good enough.

That science is Neuro Linguistic Programming, made famous by the likes of Paul McKenna. Essentially, this is the use of language to tap into your customer´s emotions, to speak their language and convince them to buy. Remember benefits are OK, features are great, but even the most hard-headed customer buys with the heart. What´s in it for them? Why do they need your product? Why do they want it? Nail that and you have a deal.

So you need emotional triggers, you need your service to fill that painful void, you need to communicate with the visual, auditory and kinaesthetic and you need that rousing Call to Action.

You need copy that persuades, cajoles and sells. You need Nick Hall.