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I´m fortunate: I´ve never had a ´proper´ job. I´ve never come up from a hard day down the mines, covered in dust with a dead canary by my side. I have always been a writer.

My first job was on the National Racing desk at Motorsport News. My weekly phone calls included Jenson Button and Kimi Raikkonen, who were nobodies back then. I travelled Europe with them, saw amazing things that might be best held back for a book when everybody is dead, and I followed them up the tree. It was invaluable training. As were the countless press releases I wrote and distributed for several teams and drivers that taught me all about email lists and positive spin.

I was soon the Deputy Editor of Cars & Car Conversions magazine – Britain´s longest-running motoring title. They were happy times and educational too. Because every magazine has a commercial side and I made this my own. Adverts, advertorials, supplements, newsletters, direct mail and more, if there was paid-for copy to write, I did it. It earned me the IPC Newcomer of the Year Award and, in the immortal words of Ron Burgundy, I was suddenly a pretty big deal around here.

At the age of 24 I went on to become Editorial Director of F1i.com. This completed the set of magazines, newspapers and websites and sent me travelling round the world with the Grand Prix circus. I interviewed drivers, wrote race reports, features and covered the news. I also headed up a team of freelancers and there was always more corporate work, for Red Bull, Jaguar, SAP, Jenson Button and rally great Colin McRae.

Eventually the world of freelance writing beckoned and soon I had an enviable list of global editorial clients. The Sunday Times, The Telegraph, Top Gear, Evo, Penthouse US and Germany, Business Week, Business Standard India, Gulf News and Wheels Dubai, VG Newspaper Norway, Expressen Sweden, Option Auto France, KLM and Qatar Airways in-flight magazine and more made it on to my client list. Not bad going…

So I´d proved myself as a journalist and I´d written flashy corporate copy, but there was a piece of the puzzle missing. That piece was NLP: Neuro-Linguistic Programming. One Master Practitioner´s course later and I was a complete marketing weapon.

In recent times I´ve focused more on the corporate side. I work with Ladbrokes, Channel 5, Suzuki Europe, Ford Great Britain, luxury hotels in England including Holbeck Ghyll and the Marriott group. I have promoted SMS and email marketing services, even firearms and toys. I´ve written speeches for Japanese executives, then taught them how to deliver it on site, I´ve salvaged messy slideshows for a major company as the journalists took their seats in another room and I´ve edited 50-page documents overnight. However big and scary your project seems, I´ve seen it all before.

Often I work with the big boys, but I love working with smaller companies too. Simply put, I love language. I love the hidden power of words and I love it when a client comes back and tells me how much their sales have increased or how well a presentation went down. It happens a lot.

Sound good? Get in touch now and let´s see what I can do for you.


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