This is the $1 million question and funnily enough I think I´ve delivered more than that for a good few clients. Lucky for you I cost significantly less than that.

I have heard insanity spouted as fact when it comes to rates, so I´ll try and keep it transparent. I charge €75 an hour, or $100 for my dear American friends. If you want a fixed price for a project then that´s no problem and while revisions are generally minimal, I´ll include them in the price.

No I am not the cheapest copywriter out there, but if you don´t value your company enough to invest in your public image then we don´t belong together anyway. What I can guarantee is that for every penny, euro and dollar you spend with me you´ll get lots back in return. That´s why customers come back and why they tell me I am the best they´ve ever worked with.

How many customers do you need to find to justify the cost? Think about it rationally and good copywriting is one of the cheapest investments you´ll ever make.  If you attach no value to your words then please move along, you will pay the price in lost business for years to come. If you invest now, my words will bring clients to your door time after time and the initial cost will pale into insignificance.

Get in touch for a tailored quote and prepare to be amazed by the results.


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