Simply put, anywhere you can see, hear or feel a word´s presence, I can improve upon it. Here are just a few of my services.

Press releases

The media is bombarded with information every single day. Does your release really stand out? I know the key to a journalist´s heart, from a great headline to compelling copy that gets your product featured.

Direct Mail

Did you know that the best sales letters (American Express and Wall Street Journal) have been used for more than 20 years and generated billions of dollars of business? I do. I know why, too. So you can trust me to get results with your direct mail campaign via email and traditional post.

Website copy

I can turn your website around, include the vital call to action and make sure you climb the Google rankings without chasing SEO at the expense of quality. Thanks to a Penguin, that´s critical now.  I´ll also advise you on ways to improve the site and the user experience, while subtly manipulating the search engines.

Advertorial copy

Advertorial is one of the most complex forms of writing. It has to sell your service and still sound like editorial. Not many can do it. But if you´ve paid for the space, you should exploit its full potential.

Advertising copy

Do you really need a copywriter when you only have 15 words? You need one more than ever. Short copy makes every word critical and I can help you capture the message, bottle it and throw it to your customer better than you can.

Social media

Apparently social media like Facebook amd Twitter don´t follow the normal rules. This is, frankly, bs spread by false social media prophets who would not survive 5 minutes in the real marketing world. Yes social media is more conversational, yes it´s done slightly differently, but it´s still marketing and needs a professional approach.


We´d all like to think we can come up with a brilliant, insightful speech off-the-cuff, but it doesn´t work that way. I can help you choose the right words for the occasion.

Telesales pitches

A few subtle tweaks can raise your conversion rates by as much as 20%. Professional copywriting is often overlooked, but it can make or break your campaigns.

Brochures and leaflets

In combination with stunning design, the right words can turn a brochure, leaflet or even a flyer into a killer sales tool.

Features and Articles

A great feature article, on your site or distributed to the press, will boost your PR, brand recognition and Google ranking.

Editing and rewrite

Even if your copy is complete, I can edit and make it better. Whether it´s SEO or just making it more entertaining, I´ve got you covered.

Internal communications

Every company produces reams of copy to cover training, legislation and more. Let me take care of it.


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